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Trapped 3 Trapped 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Well done Matt Ruggia

I've enjoyed the whole Trapped serious thus far. Good work. It was alittle hard, very addictive and enjoyable. Small things to work on. Hit Detect on the bomb. If you lineup and hold the arrow key from a distance it works well, but just tapping to run over the bomb doesn't seem to work. As far as anything else. I had no problems or gliches come up. I saw others say there was a problem with the pattern not registering the first time. I had no problem at all. It didn't go as fast as everyone said, if you just watch the center of it you can see them all. Great work, you get a 10 from me. I'm definitely anticipating more and longer. Maybe you can even add Trapped 1,2,and 3 in your next one to make a multi level. <shrug> Well done! <cheer>

Galaxy Wars Galaxy Wars

Rated 2 / 5 stars

The game..

Not a bad attempt. Few bugs that need to be worked out. Such as when I shoot something and it blows up it occasionally tells me I missed. The ships give you approximately .7ms (milliseconds) to shoot them. If I had a trackball or a touchscreen that'd be a piece of cake. But I have a regular old mouse and I even turned up the sensitivity on it. It's got potentional just need to give at least a full second for ships and maybe add a story so you can "get into" the game. Good try though. Tweak it a bit and send it back in.

y my 5th movie y my 5th movie

Rated 4 / 5 stars


For your sound problem you may just wish to set it to stream through the whole movie, but it's wiser to make a short sound loop that repeats smoothly first. That should take care of that. As far as mice and rats go I understand fully about those. I lived on the fox river for 22 years before I moved and I had to deal with mice and rats all the time due to the water and when it flooded there was ALOT more of the buggers. I had a dog out back that ate them, and I had 7 outside cats, but it still wasn't enough. I understand your pain, I've been there. Interesting game. And thank you for being realistic with the mouse trap. People seem to think that mouse traps cut off heads and make them bleed. a RAT TRAP on a mouse might, but not a mouse trap on a mouse. Good work. There are a few things to touch up, but otherwise I thought it was interesting

Violet-AIM responds:

Nice to hear from someone who has had to deal with a mouse problem. Thanks for the advice about the sound problem I had. I actually saw a mouse getting killed by a mouse trap, so I saw what really happened, which like you said, isn't that dramatic (no decapitation or blood). The only thing that I noticed was that the tail moved for a second, and then it stopped. I'm guessing that's about as instant of a death you can get.

Moon Patrol Moon Patrol

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ahh, Moon Patrol

Well, I must say, you did a pretty damn good job remaking a classic. The screen is a bit narrow, but it makes it more of a challenge. The sounds was syncronized perfectly too. I think you did a very good job in molding the old game into a new shell. I have the original Moon Patrol on the MAME 32 ROM Emulator, and I use to play it all the time when I was a kid. Great game for it's time. And once again, a good and challenging game. Good work, I'm looking forward to your future projects. Keep it up!

Matrix Simon Memory Game Matrix Simon Memory Game

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Matrix Memory

Although not the best looking game on Newgrounds, I do give you style points for a new way of playing memory. You now just don't start over, you get shot as well. I'm not a great fan of memory because I still think it's boring, but that was a rather nice change to the memory game. You got low on the general scores, but I can imagine the scripting was a beautiful bitch for ya, so you get a higher rating in my books. I'd like to see some more, keep at it